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Use Placeit's gamer templates to set your channel apart from the rest. Browse Placeit's ever-growing library of gaming designs to find exactly what you need to bring your channel or stream to life. New templates are constantly being added, so you're bound to find exactly what you need. Whether you post gaming videos on YouTube or stream for a live audience on Twitch, you can find everything you need to achieve the look you want. Our library of gaming templates includes gaming logos for every genre, channel banners, avatar makers, stream overlays, video intros, and even a few free gaming templates. If your audience is asking for merch, we have you covered! Check out our gaming t-shirt design templates to create awesome gaming-related merch your viewers will love. You can also find gaming mockups to promote your merch and social media templates to advertise your latest products, an upcoming stream, or an exciting collab. No matter what templates you want to use, they're all super easy to customize straight from your browser and in just a few clicks. To edit a template, simply click on the one you like and type in your text. Choose your favorite fonts for your text and select your text colors. Add in some graphics and choose a background image or color. When you're happy with the result, hit the download button. Just like that, your new gaming graphic will be ready to share! All of our templates are made to fit each platform's size requirements, so there's no guesswork on your end. Browse our library of templates by game title, platform, new additions, or even by what's popular so that you're sure you're staying on top of all the trends. Here's an example: National Video Games Day! Did you know that Video Game Day is celebrated both on July 8th and September 12th?