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Being an independent writer doesn't mean you have to struggle with all of the implications of releasing a book for your readers to enjoy. Writing and editing is enough of a job, so if you're wondering how to make a book cover and even how to test it out using real photos, you've come to the right place. Use our book mockup generator to watch your book come to life! Simply pick a book cover mockup, drag and drop your book cover design, and download your image. Don't have a book cover yet? Use our book cover generator to create a design and then place it over a book mockup. You might be in luck to find a free book cover mockup! We've got lots of options for you to fully customize depending on your preferred visual style. Is your genre romance? Fantasy? Fiction? Horror? Self-Help? Did you write for parents or for children? We've got you covered. Whether you're looking for an abstract book cover design, one with illustrations or paper cutouts, you'll find it in our library. You can try and download as many book cover templates as you want so you can share them with your peers and family if you want some feedback on your book cover. Mockups come in handy during this reviewing process, but they're also spectacular for when you're ready to promote your book after publishing it! Mockups are the first point of contact your potential readers might have with your book, so it's important to create book cover mockups that look professional and inviting. Taking care of these details will show how much effort you've put into your ebook, and will become an excellent presentation for you as an author. With Placeit you can create all of the assets you need to promote your book on different platforms, give it a try!